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Cloud-inspired shoes by Armondikov
Cloud-inspired shoes
Ditto to the last thing I uploaded. However, I'm taking it entirely from the original - I'm just not a fan of Advent Children Cloud. They took a character that was believable as a former solider and turned him into someone who wasn't believable as an anything. The pointless asymmetry of design, the mopey-broodiness of personality, the zips and belts... it's like an amalgam of literally everything FF did wrong after about 2001 when it started homogenising into one big lump... anyway, micro-rant over. This isn't the place nor the time.
Aeris-inspired shoes by Armondikov
Aeris-inspired shoes
Because I recently saw someone do "Disney inspired" footware, and holy crap they were awesome, I thought I'd through some time at Final Fantasy themed ones. So yeah, there's the result. A lot of this one takes details from the Advent Children version of Aeris, and less from the original.

And yes, I said "Aeris". I know it's "Aerith", and always has been officially, and I have no idea whether that's really fan-boyish or anti-fan-boyish, but I played the original back in 1997 with the borked translation and goddamn it I'm stuck in my ways and not about to change!!
Necia Navine by Armondikov
Necia Navine
Portrait of NeciaNavine - way, way way better than spending the day doing actual real-person work!
Fare Thee Well by Armondikov
Fare Thee Well
It's hard to say that I'm "inspired" by the likes of Victoria Francés as I don't do that much stuff like what she does - but she's excellent, and I like the style. Dark, often brooding, in mysterious environments populated by vines and graves, modern yet timeless, and sure to be postered up on darkly-painted bedroom walls across the world. So here's an attempt at that sort of thing, based on someone who described themselves as "just standing around like a lemon". I'm happy with how it turned out, but will get back to what I'm good at later.

Drawn in MyPaint, probably 5 hours beginning to end, using the scattered pencil brushes rather than the usual tools.
Amanda Seyfried by Armondikov
Amanda Seyfried
Done mostly in MyPaint with some editing and tweaking in Krita. Overall, not a bad pipeline for this stuff.

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Chrisofedf Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Filmographer
Hey man, Just spotted that Great British collectables are selling (a laser etched version of your Thunderbird 5 design www.greatbritishcollectables.c… (check under the Thunderbirds gifts section) just in case they didn't ask you first.
Armondikov Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
That's just bizarre. I mean, let's ignore the fact that I never released that mesh - it was copied for a fan film, to which my response is "meh" so perhaps that's where the model comes from - it's just **not** a Thunderbird 5. Like, it's just not what is advertised. It's not the actual official one.
Chrisofedf Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Professional Filmographer
I know, and they used Daryl Joyce's designs for TB1 and 2, at least they got 3&4 right but it really shows how little research is done. It seems they bought the models off Turbosquid from a guy called Zertrax.…
DarkGX Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the fave
Armondikov Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015
:) (Smile) Thanks to you, as well. +fav 
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